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Drone Service 

Drones, known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are rapidly becoming indispensable tools in a variety of industries in the world. 

NAKAMURA ENGINEERING INDONESIA (NAI) offers a variety of services using drones listed below.

Video and Photography

Prior to the development of drones, taking photographs or video from the air required the very expensive rental of fixed-wing or helicopter aircraft.  NAI can operate with the advent of low-cost drones equipped with high-resolution cameras, taking aerial images is now easily affordable for photographers. Images and video taken from the air offer a perspective that cannot be matched from the ground, and we can safely operate drone at much lower altitudes and in more confined spaces than aircraft. Photographers and filmmakers now routinely use drones to take high-quality images and video from the air, such as of Landscapes, Wildlife, Real estate, Sporting events, Weddings and other special events such as car racing and Film and TV subjects.

Infrastructure inspection by manual can be an involved, costly, and hazardous process, particularly on multistory structures. With drone technology, however, bridge, building inspections can be NEI safely and inexpensively.  NEI can perform a close-up survey of the exterior of a building and deliver high-resolution video of the roof, gutters, chimneys, and building envelope, enabling a building owner to detect trouble spots in advance. NEI also can provide exterior wall diagnostics using infrared cameras mounted on drones.


NEI with drones are revolutionizing agriculture. The ability to survey crops from the air with an inexpensive unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with a variety of sensors enables a farmer to collect an unprecedented amount of useful data, including information about soil hydration, variations in soil composition, Pest/fungal infestations In addition, NEI crop surveys can be taken weekly, daily, or even hourly as required. Accurate information allows for optimal crop irrigation, fertilization, and pest control. Reducing water and pesticide usage and maximizing crop yields benefits the bottom line and the environment.


Land surveyors are increasingly turning to drones to acquire highly accurate digital survey data from the air in a fraction of the time and expense required by survey teams on the ground. NEI are using base station reference data and GPS, specially equipped drones can gather three-dimensional cartographic information with an accuracy of within 1 to 2 centimeters after processing. Cartographic surveys are used in many industries, including archaeology, construction, flood and pollution monitoring, forestry management, mining and oil and gas and urban planning​.