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We align ourselves with enlightened management philosophy, regarding people as our major assets and working always at maintaining the highest possible level of communication and interpersonal relations.

About Us

Welcome To NEI

Our Company Profile aims to give you a brief insight into our construction experience, key personnel and company culture. More detailed information is available upon request

Our Ethos

We align ourselves with enlightened management philosophy, regarding people as our major assets and working always at maintaining the highest possible level of communication and interpersonal relaons. Our management team is caring and future oriented and our planning and programming soundly organised yet flexible. Our Company’s commitment to its ethos guarantees our consistently giving of our best in any project we undertake

Our Services

We are a team of like-minded people who aim to create perfectly crafted products and ensure them with tailored services. We value honest approach to business and we praise fair-play attitude from all parties. We are people working together and understanding each other clearly and quickly!

IT & Drone Service Division
Businnes &Trading Division
Labour Service Division
Civil & Engineering Division
painting & sandblasting division

Our Project

We believe that the success of any project commences with understanding individual strengths and the formation of a compatible, committed and well-resourced construction team that understands the requirements and anticipated outcomes. Consideration is also given to the construction team’s ability to function collaboratively within the Project Control Group.

HSE (Health Safety & Environment)

Environment is one of the major concerns of Professional Builders Contracting and Company during operation. In this regard the company strives to implement all the environmental friendly and Green Building construction techniques in accordance with the local regulations and latest standards and practices in this regard.

The Health and Safety of the company employees is the sole mission of our company management team. Zero Incident policy is strictly implemented during company operations to achieve this mission. In order to success in this policy the procedure for hazard identification techniques & evaluation of hazards potential & risks is established and documented.

Our Certification

We Provide our certification services facilitate companies to prove their compliance to standard requirements for product or service quality, environmental friendliness, occupational safety and health, corporate social responsibility, as well as national and international regulations.

ISO 14001

:  Is a leading management system standard that focuses on maintenance of Environmental Management  System (EMS). Three fundamental commitments that support the enviromental policy of the Company to meet the ISO’s standard are: polution prevention, comformity against existing rules and continuous improvement on EMS.

OHSAS 18001

 Is an international standard for Safety and Health Management System (K3). OHSAS provides framework for the effectiveness of K3 management including conformity against rules implemented on the Company’s activities and recognize the potential risks.

ISO 9001

Is a certification awarded for companies that are focused in enacting effectiveness in their entire business lines in order to improve whole performance of the Company as of its planning, implementation, analysis, and evaluation as well as improvement process in line with monitoring standard of the Company.

What we do

Mission Statement

We service the commercial, industrial and public sector industries. NEI Nakamura Engineering Indonesia is committed to implementing the latest technologies and industry practices to provide our clients with the solutions needed for success in todays.

We provide clients with experience, quality, dedication, and professionalism and as a result have become a leader in providing our services.